Moxie CPR & First Aid®

Moxie CPR provides customized training at your work site. Anywhere, anytime.
With 25 years experience in emergency services, we offer a class that is exciting, entertaining and most of all will empower you to act in an emergency!

Click on the links to see the classes we offer, sign up for a class or schedule your own class. No minimums and we are available for one on one training and skills checks. Whether you are a healthcare provider, teacher or business owner, we can create a class that is just right for you and your business. 

All classes follow American Heart Association guidelines and certification cards are good for 2 years. We call you when it's time to reschedule so you never expire!

We offer several of the American Heart Association classes including:

Heartsaver CPR & First Aid - teachers, daycares, boyscouts, new parents and anyone who needs the full class who is not in the medical field
Heartsaver First Aid - First Aid only
Heartsaver CPR - CPR  & AED only
BLS for Healthcare Providers - anyone in the medical field 1st timers
BLS for Healthcare  Renewal - anyone in the medical field 
CPR for Schools - students age 12 and above. This is really the Heartsaver CPR & First Aid class designed for teens
Friends & Family - no card or certification but you learn the skills of cpr
Skills Checks for all classes - take on the online course and I check you out on your skills which takes about 20-30 minutes, mostly for Dr's and Nurses who have taken the course many times where time is money!

The cost for most classes is $50 with group rates for over 12 participants. All classes include AED (automated external defibrillator) training. Skills checks are $40.00. I accept cash and debit cards.

Call today for a quote or click on one of the links on the next page to see current classes already scheduled and available.

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